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Why Organic? Why isn't all Maple Syrup considered Organic? It all comes from trees doesn't it?

Aug - 2016

   Read More . . .

Chocolate Maple Cookies

Feb - 2014

Chocolate Maple Cookies   Read More . . .

Maple Walnut Spice Cookies

Feb - 2014

Maple Walnut Spice Cookies   Read More . . .

Home Made Maple Soda

Feb - 2014

Well here is a tasty treat that we tried last weekend.   Read More . . .

Maple Syrup: A Natural Sugar

Jul - 2013

A small amount of Maple Syrup used as a topping on spaghetti sauce sweetens the flavor and reduces the acidity of the sauce!   Read More . . .

How is Maple Syrup Made?

Jun - 2013

Maple Syrup production starts with drilling trees and tapping them to collect their sap in the spring of the year.   Read More . . .

Maple Syrup: Then and Now

Jun - 2013

Maple sap was first collected and used by Native Americans. Maple Sugar was made by boiling off the water in a pot over a wood fire.    Read More . . .

Who are we?

Jun - 2013

Sawyer's Maple Farm is a small family owned and operated business that was started in January 2010.   Read More . . .

Welcome to our new website

Jun - 2013

Welcome to our new website! We are very excited to provide our syrup and interesting information all about Maple Syrup to our customers around the globe. Bookmark our site, subscribe to our blog and newsletter, and check us out on social networks. View our store as well as photos and video of us on site in the maple woods.   Read More . . .

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