Maple Syrup and Products

We produce delicious 100% pure all natural organic maple syrup in a variety of sizes and packaging.

We also have added Maple Sugar and Maple Cream to our available options of Organic Maple Syrup Products for your enjoyment.

Sawyers Maple Farm can supply your needs whether in retail or wholesale quantities. Family packs available for those who want to pool their resources to save on shipping.

Add a sweet taste to your food with our all natural organic Maple Syrup. Use as a topping on pancakes, waffles, french toast, cereal, oatmeal, scones, ice cream or your favorite dessert. Great for baking and cooking too! Ham, potatoes, baked beans, whoopee pies, cookies even spaghetti sauce, chili or anything with a tomato base.

You may also be interested in Pure All Natural Maple Sugar that can be substituted for any sweetener or Maple Cream for use as a spread on toast, bagels, crackers or icing on a cake.

If you are in the market for large quantities of Organic Maple Syrup we can help. Sawyers Maple Farm sells syrup in 55 gallon drums as well. These are perfect for producers in volume markets of soft drinks, Granola, Cereals, Marinated meats, etc.

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Cotton Candy


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Maple Syrup

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Maple Rub


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MaineMaple Syrup

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